The best tips for a weekend in the Hanseatic cities

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The Hanseatic cities are a perfect place for a weekend away. How about a city trip to, for example, Zwolle, Deventer or Zutphen? We give 3 reasons to go to the Hanseatic cities for a weekend and give you the best places to discover. What are you going to do?

Amsterdam, Groningen, The Hague. They are all worth a visit and people who go away for the weekend quickly tend to go to these cities. But there are many more beautiful and original cities if you want a weekend away! So the Hanseatic cities are perfect for a weekend away.

1. Here's the most beautiful river in the Netherlands

The Hanseatic cities in the east of the country have one trump card in their hands: the river IJssel. This beautiful river steals everyone's heart and is the perfect place for a long walk or bike ride. Think of wide views, high river dikes, old-fashioned ferries and cosy resting places.

2. The rich history is waiting to be picked up

What is the charm of the Hanseatic cities? They are all cities with many historical and cultural sights. In the city centre you can stroll through the narrow streets (go for the Hanseatic Walk!) or have a drink on one of the cosy squares.

3. You won't be bored for a second

During a weekend in the Hanseatic cities time flies. In the centre you will find the cosiest boutiques (not good for your wallet!), the tastiest eateries and most photogenic places. Just a stone's throw away you'll find miles of nature, from forest to water and heathland. In the region you also have several amusement parks, playgrounds for children, cinemas and theatres, dozens of museums and excursions.

sniffing culture 10 times in the Hanseatic cities

Museum de Fundatie - Zwolle
2.Bookstore Waanders - Zwolle Lime Ovens - Hasselt 4.Fishermen's City - Elburg Kamper Kogge - Kampen Anton Pieck museum - Hattem 7.Oldest Library, The Librije
8.Historic courtyards - Zutphen 9.Mountain Quarter - Deventer
10.Mustard Museum - Doesburg

5 times fun activities in the Hanseatic cities

Five fun activities in the Hanseatic cities

  1. Relax in Wellness resort De Zwaluwhoeve - Harderwijk
  2. Have a beer at Davo city brewery - Deventer
  3. Sail with a whisper boat through Zutphen- Zutphen
  4. Climb the Pepper Bus and enjoy the view - Zwolle
  5. Escape from an Escape Room - Zwolle, Kampen, Deventer