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Hanseatic city walking tips

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In the Hanseatic cities you'll walk past impressive city walls, city gates and historic buildings. Moreover, the Hanseatic valley has high river dykes with impressive views. And of course, at the end of the trail there's always another Hanseatic city where you can go for a delicious bite to eat. In this article you'll find an overview of walking tips in the nine Hanseatic cities.


Deventer: Hanseatic city on the river IJssel. A city by a river has something lively, something frivolous, and usually something burgundian: life is good there! Go out with the city guide, or discover the historic city centre on your own. Tip: At the VVV Tourist Office you can get several booklets with city walks.

Out on a walk in Deventer


Doesburg is a gem and an ideal starting point for hikes in the Achterhoek. From the Hanseatic city you can follow beautiful routes such as the Hanseatic city path and you can walk on your own through nature reserves such as Hekenbroek and the Veluwe. Are you looking for beautiful walking routes? These 4 are recommended!

Discover hiking trails in and around Doesburg


Looking for a nice walk in and around Elburg? Set the alarm early, because here it's nice walking all day. Along country estates, through woods or through gardens with the most beautiful flowers and herbs. If you're going for a walk in Elburg, choose one of these walking routes.

Walking in and around Elburg


Harderwijk is an ancient Hanseatic city. You can see it back in the centre, from the monumental old town hall to the fisherman's cottage. A city walk in Harderwijk is a lot of fun and educational! Also in the vicinity of this city you can walk beautiful trails. What are the nicest and most beautiful?

These routes can be found in Harderwijk

Hanseatic city Elburg


Hasselt has more than 70 national monuments and has been a protected townscape since 1982. Moreover, it has a rich past as a Hanseatic city, fortified town and pilgrimage place. Enough reasons to take a city walk and see Hasselt in a different way. The surroundings of this city are also very worthwhile. Which walking routes should be on your bucket-list?

The most beautiful routes in and around Hasselt


Along the last town gate of Hattem, across the Wezepsche Heide, past the Molecaten estate or through woodlands. Walking in this Hanseatic city is extremely varied. Walking in and around Hattem is a feast for hiking enthusiasts as well as those who are not keen on walking.

The most beautiful hiking trails in and around Hattem


In the centre of the hearty Hanseatic city of Kampen you can immediately taste the history. Also around Kampen you can make beautiful walks that stimulate all the senses. Put on good shoes, because once you start walking, you don't want to stop.

Walking in Kampen


A day in the Hanseatic city of Zutphen? Then you can't miss a city walk. Discover the hidden places and learn all about the rich history of the tower town of Zutphen.

Discover Zutphen and its surroundings with these routes


A day in Zwolle doesn't just mean shopping, eating and sniffing culture. You can also take beautiful walks here. Along the floodplains of the river IJssel, through the city with its rich past or through the most beautiful parks. Put on your walking shoes, take your camera with you and discover Zwolle and its surroundings on foot.

These are the most beautiful walking routes in and around Zwolle

Walking network

Do you prefer to plan your own route? Of course I can. Thanks to the walking network you can choose your own route in and around every Hanseatic city.

For routes in Overijssel]( "") (Deventer, Hasselt, Kampen, Zwolle) you can use this route planner.

For routes in Gelderland (Doesburg, Elburg, Harderwijk, Hattem, Zutphen) you will find more information here.