Nine pearls in the east of the Netherlands

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Doesburg, Zutphen, Deventer, Zwolle, Hattem, Hasselt, Kampen, Elburg and Harderwijk. Nine pearls in the east. Each with its own face, together the Hanseatic cities. Together and on their own in full movement.

The Hanseatic cities excel in history, activity and hospitality. That's what you feel, that's what you experience. These cities, with their medieval hearts and timeless beauty, stand out. Also by the inhabitants, with their enterprising, down-to-earth and sociable nature. How's it going? Good day! It's very common here.

That's why visitors like to come here so much. For that typical Hanseatic feeling. For the medieval decor that surrounds you everywhere. You come here to stroll through historic streets and along old facades. To drink a trendy coffee in a contemporary coffee shop. To sail on an old botter or Kogge. And to go shopping in surprising shops and unique shops.

Marvel at worldly art in a museum with a cloud on it. Marvel at a hypermodern town hall in the middle of a centuries-old environment. Let yourself be carried away by theatre, art and music at festivals and by the flavours of foodevents. Let yourself be embraced by fortress walls and river dikes, by the banks of the river IJssel and the rich greenery, everywhere.

Yesterday, today and the future. They meet in the Hanseatic cities. Thanks to historical awareness and the art of looking ahead, all Hanseatic people have and share it. From the rich history, new solutions are devised for today and tomorrow. And daring is shown, as the Hanseatic cities and their inhabitants have been doing for 800 years.

Nine Hanseatic cities, nine pearls in the Netherlands. Historical, contemporary and full of experience.