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Cycling from city to city

Did you know that a bike ride along several Hanseatic cities is planned this way? Because the cities are located close to each other, you can enjoy several historic cities and the natural surroundings. Each city has opportunities to rent a comfortable bike, so what are you waiting for?

Along the waterfront

The nine Hanseatic cities are connected by water. So no matter which Hanseatic city you visit during your bike ride, the water is always nearby. For example, cycle along the river IJssel, which runs from Doesburg to Kampen. And what about the former 'Zuiderzee' (Southern sea) towns of Elburg and Harderwijk? The Zuiderzee has made way for the Veluwemeer (lake Veluwe), a trip over the dike along the water provides breathtaking views. Don't forget your (telephone) camera!

Hop off

Cycling from Hanseatic city to Hanseatic city is not only great fun, you'll also get hungry. Whichever Hanseatic city you visit, you will find many terraces, cosy cafes and tasteful restaurants. So don't forget to get off on time!