The most beautiful skylines of the Hanseatic cities

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The Lebuinuskerk in Deventer, the Stadsbrug with golden wheels in Kampen, the Peperbus in Zwolle, the towers in Zutphen: beautiful eye-catchers in the skylines of the Hanseatic cities and all with their own story. Hasselt and Hattem also have a special skyline. Admire it from the water, for example.

Moor in Harderwijk and discover the old city center and its delicious restaurants. Cruise past the casemates of Doesburg and stop for a typical Doesburg mustard soup. Also be sure not to skip Elburg. Tip: make a city walk through the straight street plan of the Hanseatic city.

Admire the skyline of Deventer

Deventer: a Hanseatic city on the river IJssel. Deventer has a rich history where you can still see much of it today. For example, the Proosdij, the oldest stone house in the Netherlands, in Deventer. It was built in the 12th century. Also the Lebuinus church is a historic sight in Deventer that you should not skip. You can safely call the church the figurehead of Deventer. From afar you can already see the church and it is a beautiful eye-catcher in the skyline of Deventer.

That the Hanseatic city has a rich history does not mean that it is old-fashioned. On the contrary. Trendy eateries, unique stores and vibrant events characterize Deventer. The book market and the Dickens Festival are famous examples of these events. Deventer has not been elected event city for nothing.

Visit the charming Elburg

Elburg from above]( The charming Hanseatic town of Elburg is one you shouldn't skip. Elburg has a rich history, so you will not get bored. The Vischpoort is the characteristic front door of Elburg and gives you access to the former fishing town. This is where your visit to Elburg begins. Take a city walk to visit all the must-visits of Elburg. The ramparts, casemates and the ancient monastery are some examples. Fun fact: Elburg consists of a dead straight street plan. Therefore, seen from above, Elburg is almost perfectly square.

Meet the ancient skyline of Kampen

Ever since the thirteenth century, a lot of things have been happening in Kampen. In the past it was fishermen, artisans and merchants who provided activity. Now the current residents take care of business in the Hanseatic city. Upon arrival in Kampen, it is immediately noticeable: the centuries-old Hanseatic city has a beautiful skyline along the River IJssel. Historic buildings, gates and churches determine the face of Kampen. Also, the City Bridge with golden wheels will most likely attract your gaze.

Skyline of Kampen in the evening](

Discover trendy Harderwijk

Harderwijk]( The versatile Harderwijk is bursting with possibilities. 'Foodies' are in the right place with all the eateries that the culinary Hanseatic city has to offer, including even two restaurants with Michelin star(s). With almost 40 restaurants, bistros, grand cafes and brasseries you have plenty of choice here. History lovers are also well served in Harderwijk. Discover it all in Stadsmuseum Harderwijk. Would you rather go out and learn all about the history of Harderwijk? Follow the sculpture route through the historic inner city.

As icing on the cake, you'll find a real city beach in Harderwijk! Yes, you read it correctly. After a few minutes walk from the historic center you are already on the city beach at the Wolderwijd. In the past, fishing boats from the Zuiderzee moored here, and now you can get a breath of fresh air or relax at Walhalla, the beach pavilion on the waterfront.

Zutphen: tower town with unique skyline

The nickname of Zutphen is the Tower City. That's not very surprising, because the city has many towers. The high towers can be seen from far away and form the skyline of the city. Besides the old towers, the Hanseatic city has many more medieval remains. You can admire historic warehouses, merchant houses, churches, old squares, streets and much more. Take a city walk to admire everything with your own eyes. Want to give your city visit a twist? Then take a trip on a whisper boat.

Skyline of Zutphen](

Visit quirky and bustling Doesburg

Visit Doesburg and take a trip back in time. With more than 150 monuments and many museums, you won't have to be bored for a moment. Just walk around the historic city center and you will already find many beautiful things. The medieval streets are full of historic buildings. And the nice thing is: everything is within walking distance of each other. Put on your walking shoes!

During your visit to the historic Hanseatic city, do not forget to taste the Mustard of Doesburg. Doesburg is not known as mustard city for nothing. And you probably don't have to look long: most cafes and restaurants are only too happy to offer you a tasty mustard soup.

Get to know Zwolle from the water

Zwolle residents know they are home when the Peperbus is in sight again. It is a beautiful part of the skyline of Zwolle. The blue-fingers are immensely proud of it for a reason. The dynamic Hanseatic city is an endless city for creative students and entrepreneurs. Preserving historical features while moving with the times is perfectly possible, as Zwolle proves.

The Peperbus in Zwolle](

Also from the water Zwolle is good to discover. Rent a boat or venture out for an afternoon on a supboard. Are you a fan of beautiful sunsets? At the edge of Park Het Engelse Werk you have a beautiful view over the IJssel and if you're lucky you'll see a breathtaking sunset.

From Zwolle on to Hattem

Hattem from above]( And if you're in Zwolle anyway, you may not skip Hattem. The Hanseatic city has been a source of inspiration for painters for centuries. Not surprisingly, the city is not only 'photogenic', it is also located in a beautiful setting with forest and water. Hattem lies on the river IJssel. Curious about the art of a painter who found his inspiration here? Pay a visit to the Voerman Museum Hattem. There is plenty to do in Hattem! Hattem used to be a fortified city, and this can still be seen in many places. For example, parts of the city wall and the Dijkpoort of Hattem have been preserved. Also, there are still beautiful merchant houses in the city center.

Discover the vast Hasselter polder land

On the Zwarte Water lies Hanseatic city Hasselt, near Zwolle. A characteristic city which was already an important religious center in the Middle Ages. Even now pilgrims know how to find their way to Hasselt. Two routes converge on the pilgrimage site: the Jabikspaad from Friesland and the Jacobspad from Groningen.

Skyline of Hasselt](

Do you have longer time during your visit to this water city? Then don't forget the surroundings of Hasselt. The Hanseatic city is located in National Landscape IJsseldelta, so you will find several nature reserves in the area, National Park Weerribben - Wieden for example. Or rent a boat to go on the Zwarte Water. From the water you have a beautiful view of Hasselt.