The Hanseatic city of Deventer is known for its many cultural events, such as the book market and the Dickens festival. There is a flow in Deventer. And this is not just the water of the IJssel that runs past the Hanseatic city. The town itself is full of life too. The energy flows through the medieval streets. Festivals, celebrations, funfairs, markets and music: there is always something going on in Deventer.

Always something to do in Deventer

Contemporary monumental town

Deventer boasts many historical landmarks such as the Proosdij, the oldest brick-built residence in the Netherlands (twelfth century!). There are monumental buildings all around you, with stunning facades, historical churches and ancient squares. Proud to be the main attraction is the Lebuinis church, which is visible from far and wide. In other words, a town with a wealth of history, but is it old-fashioned? Far from it. Deventer is vibrant, frivolous and bustling: a contemporary-monumental town.

Town of events

It is no surprise that Deventer was elected as events town. There is an event almost every month. The biggest crowd-pullers are the annual book market and the Dickens festival. The book market is heaven on earth for bookworms. The Dickens festival sees the town go back in time, to the nineteenth century. Another large-scale event is Deventer op Stelten (on Stilts), which sees the historic centre transformed into an open air theatre.

Connected with the IJssel

Deventer is on two banks of the Ijssel. From the Ijssel quayside in the old centre, there is a view of the other side. It shows a green oasis: the Worpplantsoen. Walk or cycle there, via one of the two bridges connecting Deventer. Or use the foot ferry called Stokvis, which is a nickname for people from Deventer originating in Hanseatic times. From the other side, you are afforded a panoramic view across the town, with the Lebuinis church as stunning eyecatcher.

Would you like to take a rest from all the sights and sounds of Deventer? Recharge your battery at one of the many pubs and restaurants in this Hanseatic city. There is plenty of choice: there are more than a hundred, including trendy coffee places, authentic lunchrooms, grand cafes, restaurants, a food hall and a town brewery.