A beautiful, historical Hanseatic city. With the Veluwe in front and water in the back. A cosy city bustling with good vibes and plenty of opportunities to enjoy culinary treats. Sit on a terrace, go to a restaurant and visit an event or festival. Go shopping for a day, or enjoy a picnic on the city beach. No obligations and many good options.

Hansa town with star status

From chic to hip

Whether you dine in style at restaurant ‘t Nonnetje with its two Michelin stars, or treat yourself at the Basiliek with one star, or grab a hip bite at Walhalla: Harderwijk knows how to serve good food. There is plenty of choice, with almost forty restaurants, bistros, lunchrooms, grand cafes and brasseries in this town on the Veluwemeer and Wolderwijd.

TIP: Another culinary stalwart in Harderwijk: De Ouderwetse Bakkerij (the Old-fashioned Bakery), at the Kleine Marktstraat. This is where the best bread and the famous ‘Vischpoortjes’ are baked the traditional way.

Trading spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Hanse is deeply rooted in Harderwijk. As well as the hospitality sector surrounding the culinary square the Vischpoort, among other places, there are many shops and concept stores. There is a huge variety: from clothing and accessories to gifts and delicacies.

Beach town

A town with a beach, how unique is that inland? Harderwijk has a beach. And it is even within walking distance: a two-minute walk takes you from the historic town centre to the town beach at the Wolderwijd. Where fishing boats from the Zuiderzee used to moor, it is now a place for feeling the wind in your hair on the sandy beach or strolling along the boulevard. A well-deserved rest is in order at Walhalla: this hip beach pavilion and restaurant is open all year round.