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The historical and renovated building in the oldest street of Hattem, forms the core of a Hanseatic pearl: Aparthotel Hattem. It is a special place, which since the spring of 2021 may bear the pride of Hattem as the only hotel. The hotel offers 5 rooms. The rooms breathe luxurious simplicity, and have an authentic atmosphere. Elegant, warm and stylish are the words that describe the rooms. All the advantages of a hotel combined in your own flat. That is the luxury in Aparthotel Hattem.
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel. The hotel is completely smoke-free. Four of the five rooms have a pantry with cooking facilities. In addition, the hotel offers breakfast in cooperation with local entrepreneurs. To make your stay as carefree as possible, you can check in and out online.

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ApartHotel Hattem


  • Free wifi