8x special coffee and tea houses in the Hanseatic cities

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With every sip you take in the extraordinary coffee and tea houses in the Hanseatic cities, you taste a piece of their history. It's like taking a time travel to the days when these cities were bustling trading centers and coffee and tea were still exotic newcomers. So sit back, relax and let the atmosphere of these ancient cities overwhelm you as you sip your steaming cup. We've listed the most ordinary coffee and tea houses in the Hanseatic cities for you!

The Unicorn coffee & tea, Kampen

Barista De Eenhoorn
Barista De Eenhoorn

Imagine strolling through the old streets of Kampen and the smell of freshly roasted coffee wafts towards you. That smell comes from De Eenhoorn, a place where coffee and tea lovers can indulge. Here, craftsmanship is cherished! De Eenhoorn roasts its own coffee and tea sommelier Binet carefully curates the assortment of teas. That combined with the cozy interior, makes this coffee and tea house in Kampen a must-visit!

Curious about the secrets behind your favorite cup? De Eenhoorn takes you on a journey through the world of coffee and tea. With the Coffee Journey package you will dive into the coffee roasting process and learn all about taste differences between espresso machines and filter coffee. Or take a look behind the scenes with the factory tour. Finally, of course, a coffee or tea tasting is not to be missed!

The Volkshuis, Zutphen

Welcome to Het Volkshuis, the oldest coffee house in the Netherlands that has been enriching vibrant Zutphen with its unique charm for over 100 years. Here you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea prepared with love. And while you are here, there is one treat not to be missed: the famous apple pie of Het Volkshuis!

Roemar, Deventer

If you're in Deventer, a visit to Roemar is not to be missed. At this artisan coffee and tea house, in the middle of the historic city center, all coffee beans are roasted in-house. Also for a nice cup of tea this is the place to be! You can of course drink tea at many places, but at Roemar you get so much more than the standard bags of black and green tea. You can choose from over 100 teas! Save yourself choice stress by booking a tasting or high tea. That's guaranteed to be a fun and tasty afternoon!

High tea in the Hanseatic cities
High tea in the Hanseatic cities

Mevrouw de Buurvrouw, Hattem

Are you a real tea or coffee lover? Mevrouw de Buurvrouw, formerly known as Vicaris, will become your favorite address in Hattem! After strolling through the picturesque streets of the Hanseatic city, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing coffee or tea break. So plop down, treat yourself to your favorite hot beverage and don't forget to order something tasty from the menu full of homemade treats. After your moment of enjoyment, wander into the accompanying store, brimming with trinkets.

Zoetelief, Kampen

Zoetelief Kampen
Zoetelief Kampen

Zoetelief in Kampen is the perfect place to give your feet a rest after exploring the historic Hanseatic city. You come here not only for the delicious coffee and tea, but also for the homemade treats that Zoetelief is so famous for. From freshly baked cakes to chocolates and tasty sandwiches, there is something for everyone. In the store of Zoetelief you can buy your favorite tea or coffee to enjoy at home. Delicious!

De Plantage, Elburg

For all gourmets and coffee and tea lovers, put De Plantage in enchanting Elburg high on your list! This gem of a specialty store is not only a heaven for coffee and tea drinkers, but also offers a wealth of delicacies such as chocolate, oil, vinegar and wine. In the atmospheric coffee and tea pouring room, put your senses on alert and get to taste all those goodies!