Waterfront restaurants

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Sitting on the waterfront, surrounded by the rich heritage of the Hanseatic cities, while enjoying the best cuisine the region has to offer. Can you picture it? It is possible at the waterfront restaurants below in the Hanseatic cities! Grabbing a fork at one of these places with your favorite company guarantees a successful evening.

The finest waterfront restaurants in Kampen

Kampen boasts several waterfront restaurants that are a treat for your taste buds as well as your eyes. Take Restaurant De Bastaard, for example. Located on Kampen's city canal, this is a perfect place to enjoy a long, relaxing dinner or a refreshing lunch while looking out over the water. Another fine address in Kampen is Bij De Vier Kampen. Here it's all about relaxing and enjoying. With the sultry, cozy summer evenings in sight, this is the place to be.

Finally, Paviljoen Hanzezicht should not be missing from this list. At Paviljoen Hanzezicht you are in the first row. Located on the Kamper city beach, right on the IJssel, it catches every ray of sunshine. Here you can taste summer at its best! So put on your favorite summer outfit, round up your friends and find out what goodies are on the menu. Enjoy your meal!

Waterfront restaurants in Zwolle

Then we move on to the next beautiful Hanseatic city: Zwolle. This city, embraced by water, has some crazy places where you can feast. Check out Brasserie De Hofvlietvilla, for example. As soon as the sun shines, this brasserie's terrace is the place you want to be. With a glass of wine in your hand and the rippling water in front of you, you'll feel like you're in paradise here.

Brasserie De Hofvlietvilla Zwolle
Brasserie De Hofvlietvilla Zwolle

Want to soar to great heights? Then you have to go to Restaurant Infinity. This waterfront restaurant, formerly known as de Koperen Hoogte is located at the top of a water tower. Unique! It gives you a 360-degree view of the city and the waters all around. Not to mention the menu! Sustainability is totally their thing here. The chefs work with seasonal produce and you can taste it. Every bite is a surprise and lets you discover the richness of the season.

In Zwolle you will not only find restaurants near the water, but also on the water. 't Pannenkoekschip not your average pancake restaurant. No, here you eat your pancake on a real ship! Floating on the Thorbeckegracht, you will enjoy the most delicious pancakes. Fun for the kids, but secretly also great for adults. So, untie the ropes and hoist the sails!

The best of Elburg: our favorite waterfront restaurants

Next up: the unique waterfront restaurants in Elburg. This picturesque Hanseatic town full of historic streets, has a few top waterfront locations where you can feast and dine. At brasserie and also art studio and brewery Aan de Gracht, plenty of delicious dishes will be served from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. As the name suggests, this brasserie is located by the water. With their cozy terrace, this is the ideal place to relax and enjoy beautiful Elburg.

Terrace Elburg
Terrace Elburg

But we're not done yet! Restaurant de Waterman is also not to be missed. This restaurant in Elburg is located on the Veluwemeer and has an attractive terrace, where you can relax. All dishes come from their own kitchen and you can taste that. From a vegetarian burger to homemade spareribs: here you can eat delicious food overlooking the water!

Tasty address on the water in Harderwijk & Doesburg

Foodies are also right at home at restaurants in Harderwijk. On the boulevard of Harderwijk you will find Restaurant Monopole. After an afternoon of shopping or culture sniffing in the Hanseatic city, this is the perfect address to recover. With a nice spot on the terrace and a plate full of goodies, this can be described in one word: enjoy! The magic of summer evenings is nowhere better expressed than here, on the waterfront in the Hanseatic city of Harderwijk.

Monopole Harderwijk
Monopole Harderwijk

Enchanted by the Hanseatic cities? Visit Doesburg too! This medieval city is certainly not stuck in the past. Restaurant De Kade proves that. Find a sunny spot on the terrace and take a good look around. There is no better waterfront restaurant than this one, located between the river and the characteristic city center. Tip: If you can't get enough of this Hanseatic city, you can spend the night at the accompanying hotel, Stadshotel Doesburg!

Waterfront restaurants in Deventer

Did you know that around Deventer you can find many beautiful cycling routes? And if you want to take a break, there are several waterfront restaurants in Deventer that you won't want to miss. The IJssel Restaurant is one such restaurant that will surprise your taste buds. Combine delicious food with a location on the IJssel and a view of Deventer's skyline: that's IJssel Restaurant!

IJssel Restaurant Deventer
IJssel Restaurant Deventer

Hop back on your bike and pedal on to De Zwarte Silo. This is a unique restaurant located in a former grain silo in Deventer's inner harbor. Fresh and local ingredients are transformed here into a feast on your plate. You can also enjoy a terrace here. With the sun on your skin and a nice drink in your hand, you won't want to leave here!