Autumn shopping in the Hanseatic cities

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When the leaves on the trees turn red and the temperatures drop, you know that autumn is coming. And that's the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with a wool sweater, waterproof jacket and a warm scarf. And where better to store than the Hanseatic cities? With a wide range of unique stores and boutiques, you can turn your autumn wardrobe into something special. We tell you where the best places to shop for autumn in the Hanseatic Cities are!

Unconstrained strolling in Zwolle

We start in atmospheric Zwolle. This city exudes the authentic Hanseatic atmosphere with its historic buildings and charming streets. In these cozy streets you will find plenty of stores. From well-known clothing brands and vintage stores to stores with craft products and cute boutiques, Zwolle has it all! Start your shopping adventure in the Diezerstraat. There you'll find all the big names. Then look inside Librije's Winkel, a place full of culinary delights. For unique garments and jewelry, Moonloft is the place to be. Other addresses where you can shop well for your autumn wardrobe include Sassy Zwolle, Appel & Ei and Finders Keepers.

Need a break after wandering the streets? Load yourself up at Gillende Keukenmeiden for the most delicious pastries or opt for the casual atmosphere of Bij Hartje Zwolle, where you can enjoy all kinds of comfort food.

Discovering autumn trends in Deventer

Want to store in Deventer? This picturesque city on the IJssel is a true paradise for fashion lovers. In Deventer, the shopping offer goes beyond just the big brand names. There the shopping streets are filled with small-scale and unique stores. One of our favorites is Holy Cow on Grote Overstraat. Here you will find the cutest gadgets and original gifts. Peach is the place to be if you love Scandinavian clothing styles and at the clothing boutique Spazio you can score the most beautiful Italian brands.

Are your arms tired from all those heavy bags? Time for a nice lunch! Find a nice spot at No. 11 Inspired by Jackies. The all day brunch is just what you need after an afternoon of shopping. Yum!

Autumn shopping in Deventer
Autumn shopping in Deventer

Historic charm in Zutphen

Autumn shopping in Zutphen? This is a city where history and fashion come together. Turfstraat and Beukerstraat are perfect places to enjoy a rich mix of fashion stores and specialty stores. Make a stop at boutique Míramé and then pick up a delicious artisan bread at bakery Van Rooijen.

Market Zutphen
Market Zutphen

Other must-visits include the Gemstone Shop, Lein & Co., De Potterij and Radish concept store. Scored all the great bargains? Then enjoy a good glass of wine at wine bar Nic & I. The perfect end to your day of autumn shopping in the Hanseatic city of Zutphen!

Shopping in picturesque Elburg

Elburg invites you to an unforgettable day of autumn shopping. The Hanseatic city, enchanting with its picturesque streets and historical charm, knows how to win the hearts of shopping enthusiasts. Start your route in the atmospheric Vischpoortstraat, where the store ModeTheater Elburg surprises you with the latest autumn trends. And at Poort 5 you will find the most beautiful jeans this new season.

Autumn shopping Elburg
Autumn shopping Elburg

In the Beekstraat you will find the popular stores Mona Lisa and Rosas Sfeerboutique, a home furnishing store full of trendy interior items. That way you not only let autumn reflect in your outfits, but also in your interior! Lunchroom Aan de Gracht, Restaurant 't Boothuis and Buddy's Bowling & Bites are great places to admire your purchases while enjoying a delicious snack and drink.

Autumn shopping in versatile Harderwijk

Last but not least is the charming Harderwijk. The Wolleweverstraat and the Donkerstraat form the shopping heart here. In these and surrounding streets you will find various boutiques, concept stores and well-known fashion brands. Visit Mooi Mode voor Vrouwen for stylish women's clothing or opt for sustainable at vintage store Blije Meisjes. We're sure you won't leave clothing stores Store 10, Posh and ZieZo empty-handed either!

For a culinary finish you can go to De Boterlap. Whether you choose the Veluwe apple pie, Spanish sweet potato fries or tripoli tosti, here you can feast! Isn't that the best way to end a day of autumn shopping in the Hanseatic cities?