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Culture in Kampen

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What can you do in Kampen? Much, very much! Lovers of culture can get their money's worth here, because Kampen has a rich cultural history. This is what a day in Kampen will bring you in terms of cultural sights.

The rich history of the Hanseatic cities has left its mark, so a visit to Kampen is full of culture. Would you like to stroll through the streets and admire the cultural highlights at your leisure? Then a city walk of Kampen is very suitable. You will encounter these 7 cultural activities anyway - whether you choose a city walk or follow your own eyes.

City Hall Kampen

In the middle of the 14th century a beautiful building was built in the Oudestraat, number 133. Later it became a monumental building - that says it all. It was until 2001 the City Hall of Kampen, also called the town hall.

It is a late Gothic town hall with a richly decorated facade. Inside you will find several beautiful rooms and paintings with portraits of stadholders and princes of the House of Orange. Since 2009 the Stedelijk Museum Kampen is located here. The museum has four main topics: water, religion, justice and the House of Orange. An instructive and unique look into the history of the Hanseatic City of Kampen.

Museums in Kampen

Kampen is a small town, but that is not reflected in the number of museums. If you are an art lover, you can entertain yourself here for hours. For example, Kampen has the Ikonenmuseum; a museum in the field of Christian and religious art.

In the museum you will discover what an icon is and what styles there are. It also becomes clear what icons meant to people and what role they still play today. You will find the Icon Museum in the historic heart of Kampen, housed in an old monastery.

Fun for the kids: The Toy Cabinet, a museum that exhibits toys from 1945 to the present. An impression of the development of playing without computers. Also in the oldest city gate of Kampen, De Koornmarkspoort, are regular exhibitions. Would you like to sniff the outdoors? Then drop by Museumboerderij Erf 29. Here you can learn about life and work on the farm as it was a hundred years ago on Kampereiland. The museum displays, among other things, a collection of agricultural objects and a collection of traditional costume hats.

Theater Kampen

The Stadsgehoorzaal Kampen breathes history from every crack, corner and crevice of the building. Take a seat in a red plush chair and imagine yourself in a timeless theater landscape.

Here you will find amateur performances, international shows and in-house projects. In the Vestzaktheater you will find the Filmhuis of Kampen. Here you can see films that will make you want to talk about them or, on the contrary, make you feel very quiet.

TIP: take the legwalk to get from one museum to another. This way you will immediately see a few historical and culinary hotspots!