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The most beautiful cycling routes in and around Zutphen

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Between the Veluwe and the Achterhoek lies Zutphen: a perfect base for cycling tours through the green surroundings. But don't forget the floodplains of the IJssel. These cycling routes are a delight for cycling enthusiasts!

Round Bronkhorst-Zutphen

Visit the smallest town in the Netherlands: Bronkhorst. This cycle route takes you along the floodplains of the IJssel, but also goes through woodland. On the way you'll pass castle Nijenbeek, which nowadays is a ruin on the bank. Attention beer lovers: just outside Bronkhorst you will find the Bronckhorster Brewing Company. Cheers!

All you need for this route are junctions (and a bike :-)). If you fancy a short boat trip, take the ferry at junction 24. You end in the old Hanseatic city of Zutphen.

Children's bike trail in the tracks of Berend

This bicycle route is especially for children and combines fun with history. Hop on your bike and cross through the Hackfort estate, south of Zutphen. Berend van Hackfort, who lived in Vorden in the Middle Ages, takes you back to his life as a child in the middle ages and there are assignments such as swordfighting, medieval costumes and children can make a coat of arms. The cycle route is 3 kilometres long.

Cycling from Zutphen to Arnhem


Via the IJssel you go slowly towards the Veluwe. On the way you pass the Bronkhorst, where time has stood still. Tip: dare to climb to De Posbank, a high point from where you have a beautiful view. What do you see then? You can experience that for yourself! The ride ends in Arnhem where you can have a bite to eat. You follow this ride through the junction network.

Hanzerondje Zutphen - Doesburg

During this (multi-day) cycling tour you can stay in one of these Hanseatic cities, while Gothic facades, historic warehouses and old quays revive the rich history. This beautiful route leads - parallel to the river IJssel - past settlements such as Brummen and one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands: Bronkhorst, also government-protected. In the booklet 'Zes Hanzefietsrondjes' (Six Hanseatic Bike Laps) the whole route is mapped out. This is available at the tourist office.

Hanzerondjes Zutphen - Deventer


Via mainly freestanding cycle paths and winding dikes you cycle with this route along one of the most beautiful rivers in the Netherlands: the IJssel. A river that brought wealth and prosperity hundreds of years ago thanks to its connection with the open sea and the German hinterland. In the book 'Six Hanseatic Bike Laps' the whole route is mapped out. This is available at the tourist office.

LF3 Hanzeroute

The seven surprising Hanseatic cities along the river IJssel are connected by beautiful long cycle routes such as the Hanzeroute. Cycling along the IJssel, one of the most beautiful rivers in the Netherlands, over winding dikes and free standing cycle paths.

From Zutphen you can also cycle to Doesburg or Deventer. You can follow the IJssel, or cycle with junctions. These two Hanseatic cities also deserve a visit and have beautiful cultural sights. In Doesburg, for example, you should not miss the Mustard Museum and in Deventer the book market, which always takes place in August, is highly recommended.