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The 3 most beautiful cycling tours in and around Hasselt

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Enjoy the views, cross the water by ferry and cycle through beautiful nature reserves. Cycling in and around Hasselt is a feast for all your senses.

As you smell the most delicious flowers, you can feel the wind going through your hair. And along the way there are always cosy places to get off and relax with a delicious drink. These are the most beautiful cycling routes in and around Hasselt, Overijssel.

Zwarte water rondje


You can start this bicycle route Rondje Zwartewater in Genemuiden, Hasselt or Zwartsluis. Convenient: the route is signposted. Along the way you'll come across all kinds of places that are worthwhile to get off your saddle for a while.

How about the Veerpont near Genemuiden, the lime kilns in Hasselt and nature reserve De Olde Maten in Zwartsluis? You won't be able to avoid all kinds of water works, such as locks, pumping stations and flood defences. A beautiful cycling tour, also for the whole family!

Guided city gates tour


If you want to know more about the surroundings of Hasselt, then a guided cycling tour is a must. This cycle route takes you through the unique Stadsgaten nature reserve, just outside the Hanseatic city of Hasselt. You will visit the hamlet of Zwartewatersklooster, the Olde Maten and De Veldschuur.

You'll get a delicious cup of coffee or tea, a delicious lunch at camping De Stadsgaten and a walk to the wild vegetable village of Fah. And no matter how easy junctions or a cycle route planner are, on this route you just follow the guide.

Cycle route Hasselt - Zwolle

Hasselt is a beautiful, small Hanseatic town with a beautiful cultural history. It used to be an important place of pilgrimage on the route to Santiago de Compostela. From Hasselt you can via small villages and breathtaking nature cycle in the direction of Zwolle.

Although you just can't touch Zwolle, you can also start your bike tour in Zwolle or stop there on one of the nice terraces that this city has to offer. The cycle tour is strung together by junctions, but you can also plan the cycle route and download the cycle junction map. The cycling tour is over 36 kilometres.

Bicycle ferry Haersterveer

If you get on your bike in Hasselt, you can go in any direction and cycle a beautiful route. So you can easily plan your own route or follow junctions. Very nice: take the Haersterveer bij Zwolle, the nicest and last hand-drawn cable ferry in the Netherlands. The ferry is open to walkers and cyclists from May to October and costs 60 eurocents.


The route of this Hanzerondje takes you along the varied river landscape in the IJssel delta between the two historic Hanseatic cities of Hasselt and Zwolle. While cycling you will be given beautiful views of the polder landscape and a view of the city centre of Hasselt.