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Experience the Hanseatic cities to the fullest; book a guided city tour

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The Dutch Hanseatic cities, once connected by the Hanseatic network, originated at a time when cities like Amsterdam were still very small. The aim of the network was to expand and strengthen trade between its members. Today, admire the remains of this era and experience the history of trade with a guide who will bring you to life in the Hanseatic city.

A rich trading history

The Dutch Hanseatic cities were part of a larger whole, the former Hanseatic network. This network was founded in 1200 and was originally a cooperation network between merchants from German cities near the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The purpose of this network was to expand trade within this area and to pass on knowledge. The towns were mostly situated on the waterfront, important for trade transport, and are still today a rich source of a unique history, stately merchant houses and beautiful facades. Bring the rich history to life with a visit to one of the Dutch Hanseatic cities!

The Dutch Hanseatic Cities

Beautiful and historical examples of Dutch Hanseatic cities are Doesburg, Elburg, Hattem, Hasselt, Harderwijk, Kampen, Deventer, Zutphen and Zwolle. Every city has experienced a beautiful growth thanks to trade and still today has beautiful remnants dating from the 14th and 15th century. Their location on the waterfront and the combination of merchant houses and unique facades brings the history of these cities to life. Each town has its own past and is worth discovering. It is therefore worthwhile to discover one or more Hanseatic cities per guide during a stay in the Netherlands.

Hanseatic city Elburg

Together as a network, each with its own history

Do you want to experience the Netherlands from a historical point of view? Do you want to feel how the Netherlands has developed through trade and insights? Then discover the Hanseatic cities, where old and new have merged by working together. Over the centuries, the trading cities have grown into powerful cities whose wealth can still be seen in the streets. Discover with a city guide the story behind the facades of the Hanseatic city of your choice.

Together as a network, each with its own history

Travel with us along one of the 9 Hanseatic cities and discover the unique vibe that each city exudes. Book a city walk in Harderwijk and see how ancient monuments here go hand in hand with trendy beach pavilions and beautiful museums. Closing off you can do at the sandy beach, cozy with a snack and a drink, or in the historic centre of this fascinating city.

Elburg is a unique city because of its unique structure: square and only 250 by 300 meters within the canals. Within this fishing town, the link to fishing and the trade and ships of the time predominate. Finish off with a nice fish meal. Book a city walk in Elburg

Would you like to admire a beautiful, typically Dutch view, like medieval merchants mooring? Then a visit to Kampen should not be missed. The view of this city from the river IJssel is phenomenal in that historical respect and also beautifully preserved, without hypermodern apartment buildings. Discover all this during a city walk in Kampen.

Already in the Middle Ages people made pilgrimages. Even today Hasselt Overijssel still forms an important junction on many pilgrim routes. This Hanseatic city is certainly worth your visit with no less than 70 impressive national monuments, the Great Church and the Old Town Hall. The city also has many canals with references to Amsterdam, which is why Hasselt is also called Little Amsterdam. Discover the highlights of Hasselt during a guided city walk.

In Zwolle art lovers can enjoy the unique architecture and an extensive collection of visual arts. The most beautiful bookshop in the Netherlands is also located here. In Zwolle you can walk around on many different themes with a guide. This guide will tell you everything you want to know! Guided city walk in Zwolle

The most picturesque Hanseatic city is undoubtedly Hattem, near the wooded Veluwe. Follow a workshop making chocolates, taste delicious chocolate or visit the Bakery Museum. Or discover the Anton Pieck Museum. As an artist, Anton Pieck made romantic illustrations and is also the spiritual father of De Efteling. Hanseatic city Hattem is a perfect place to discover with a guide.

The Hanseatic city that excels in events is Deventer, with, for example, the Dickens Festijn and Europe's largest book market. It is also a discovery for those who love food. Visit the Deventer Biscuit Shop and taste the gingerbread baked according to a centuries-old secret recipe. Guided city walk in Deventer

Lovely shopping and you can wander in Zutphen. Take a city walk in Zutphen and discover the Stolpersteine, stones commemorating the Jewish inhabitants who were deported during the Second World War. Would you like to know more about a specific subject, such as facing bricks, courtyards or the Hanseatic era? Please indicate this when booking. Then the guide will adapt the program to your wishes. Or discover this city from the water.

Epicureans should definitely visit Doesburg. You will discover historic buildings, the museum of the Doesburgsche Mustard and Vinegar Factory or the extensive collection of jewellery and glass art in the Lalique Museum. A city walk through Doesburg will take you to the most beautiful spots.

The Hanseatic Cities, a shared passion

Although every Hanseatic city has experienced its own development, every city exudes the authentic atmosphere that is typical of the real Hanseatic cities. To this day, these cities have remained linked by their passion for strong unity. Each and every one of them exudes history and charm, but still today they are setting up initiatives to unite and profile themselves as Dutch cities.