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Group outings in the Hanseatic cities

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There is always something to do in and around the Hanseatic cities. Whether you are alone, in pairs or with a large group. Are you responsible for planning this year's family or company outing? Or do you just want to go out with a bunch of friends? Here are some cool group activities you can do in the Hanseatic cities.

Discover the Hanseatic crafts

Are you fans of cigars, coffee and/or tea and have you always wanted to know more about their production? Then cigar factory De Olifant in Kampen is for you. Here you will find out why and how Hanseatic city Kampen became known as Cigar City. Take a tour of the centuries-old factory and then settle down for a delicious cigar and a cup of coffee or tea at De Eenhoorn, which also has a great story behind it.

![The Elephant in Hanseatic City of Kampen]](

In Zutphen, you can experience the specialty beers of Chamaven Brewery. Each beer is made with the best ingredients and brewed with care and attention to ensure a unique taste sensation! Here you can beer between the kettles. This atmospheric brewery is well worth a visit. They will gladly give you an insight into the world of beer there. From barley to a good glass of beer.

Visit a museum

The Hanseatic network originated during the Middle Ages and the Hanseatic cities have been around for many years. The cities are a source of history and cultural icons. Really get to know the Hanseatic cities by visiting one of the [many museums](article://1398 """). Often the museums are fun for young and old alike, making them ideal for a family outing! Take for example the Dutch Bakery Museum in Hattem. In addition to being able to visit the museum as a group, the museum also offers various group packages. Learn and experience all about this Hanseatic specialty.

Bakery Museum in Hattem
Bakery Museum in Hattem

Climb one of the many towers

In the Middle Ages, towers were part of the city defense against enemies and floods. Nowadays, you can climb these towers and enjoy the idyllic view of the city. Still they rise far above the Hanseatic cities. An ideal group outing if you want to see a little more of the area and learn about the history of the Hanseatic cities at the same time.

Wow! View from 100 m high in Doesburg
Wow! View from 100 m high in Doesburg


Take, for example, the Peperbus in Zwolle which towers over the historic city center at a height of no less than 75 meters. Or the tower of the Lebuinuskerk in Deventer which still contains 28 of the 47 bells of the oldest Hemony chimes in The Netherlands! The tower of the Grote or Martinikerk in Doesburg is almost 100 meters high. So every Hanseatic city has a tower you can climb and all of them are unique. Which tower will you climb? Will you go up them all?

Take a cruise

The nine Hanseatic cities are surrounded by water and are an ideal environment for water sports and round trips. Make it a unique day by going sailing on a real Elburg Botter. Although these were once used to catch pounds of fish, they are now offered for rental. Elburg was and is a real fishing town. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know Hanseatic Elburg on a whole new level!

Elburger Botter](

Also in Zutphen you can enjoy the surroundings on the water. As a group, you reserve a Fluisterboot with which you sail on the Berkel for an hour and pass by special and historical monuments. The Whisperer (the skipper) will tell you all about the secrets of this beautiful Hanseatic city.

Group walking or cycling tour

Both in and around the Hanseatic cities there is plenty to see. With numerous bike- and walking routes, the choice is easily made for some. Cycle a wonderful guided bicycle tour through, for example, [Hanseatic city of Harderwijk](article://2200 """) and its surroundings. This will allow you as a group to fully enjoy the history and at the same time nature! Keep moving and get to know the picturesque streets and bridges of Hanseatic City of Hasselt on foot.

Take a ride on a horse-drawn streetcar in Doesburg

Aren't you sports enthusiasts? Then why not rent a horse-drawn streetcar? With guide and all you ride with the whole group with the Horse Tram through Hanseatic city Doesburg. Discover while sitting the most special places of Doesburg.

So there is plenty to do. Whether you go out with a large or small group. Time to spare? Then go into the historic center and stroll around in the nice stores or have a drink at one of the terraces.