Light sculpture route through Zwolle

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The streetscape of the Hanseatic city Zwolle will be characterized by atmospheric Christmas decorations and lots and lots of lights. Above all, you can follow the Lichtbeeldentour in Zwolle again! Call your friends and family together, because you want to discover the Lichtbeeldenroute in Zwolle together. This route is an initiative of ZwolleFonds and the entrepreneurs of the city center.

The Lichtbeeldenroute Zwolle is totally coronaproof

Due to the corona measures, many winter activities have been cancelled. A great pity of course. A ray of hope in these dark times is the Lichtbeeldenroute in Zwolle! Walking the route of lights in Zwolle is a popular and coronaproof activity. You have from December 13 to January 30, 2022 to walk both Lichtbeeldenroutes.

The first route starts at the Grote Kerk. The second route starts at The Librije and ends at the Sassenpoort. On this map you can see both routes mapped out. You can also pick up a printed version of the map at the Zwolse Balletjeshuis, Van der Velde in de Broeren and Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes.

View Light Sculpture Routes

As the name suggests, the routes are characterized by light sculptures. Let's just emphasize that these are not just any light sculptures, but real eyecatchers. From an insanely luminous reindeer to Santa's sleigh... You'll encounter it all during the Light Sculpture Tour!

Light sculpture tour in Zwolle

Audio tours during the Lichtbeeldenroute

To make the Lichtbeeldenroutes even more special, there are several audiotours. We definitely recommend playing these audio tours while following the route of the lights. As has been mentioned, the Lichtbeelden tour consists of two different routes. For both routes there is a separate audio tour.

Lichtjesroute Zwolle 'The Bleeding Swan Light Images Tour' is one of those audio tours. You are taken into the story of a young, poor knight. He wants to 'help the weak', but has to make mind-boggling sacrifices in return. The audio tour tells how the knight follows the bleeding swan, to the castle. While following this route, you will discover the brilliant light images. The other audio tour is called "The pine tree that wanted to be big" and is about a young Christmas tree. He wants to become as big as all the other pine trees around him, but he wonders why they are being cut down. Both audio tours are suitable for children and adults. Perfect for exploring the Light Sculpture Tour with your family or relatives!

Lichtbeeldentour in Zwolle
Lichtbeeldentour in Zwolle

Besides this audio tour, there are numerous other audio routes available for children and adults. Popular audio tours through Zwolle are, for example, 'Nemia - The Girl Without Hands' and 'De Witte Wieven Spooktocht'. Listening to these audio tours can be done by using the app Voicemap. You can download it for free in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Special light sculptures

The Lichtbeeldenroute has a total of 15 different light sculptures. All the light sculptures that are spread across Zwolle are insane. It gives the city a lot of atmosphere and positivity. Something we can all use! You can spot 'Santa's Arreslee' at the Grote Kerkplein and 'Little Golden Teddy' at Van der Velde in de Broeren. Don't forget to take a group photo of you and your fellow walkers. Go out and discover this light route in Zwolle!