Bike and barge Netherlands: Hansa Highlights | De Nassau

This tour leads you through a region that’s one of the most beloved among Dutch cyclists — and for very good reason!. You’ll find out why every day as you explore the flat river valley of the Rhine by bike and barge, uncovering its character-filled historical cities, beautiful aquatic landscapes and diverse natural areas.

Floating Hotel

Every evening, you’ll return to your floating hotel barge, the Nassau, which will await you docked in a picturesque harbour along the route. The Nassau has room for up to sixty guests and offers all the comforts of home. You’ll cycle at your own pace through Hanseatic territory, and your highly-trained tour leader is only a phone call away in the case of questions, problems or emergencies. *

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Cycle along an important Hanseatic trading route

The area you’ll traverse was shaped over millennia by the changing course of countless rivers and streams — and the changing fortunes of its inhabitants! It thrived during the Middle Ages, when the rivers Rhine and IJssel were among the most important trade routes in Europe, and many of the cities along these rivers’ lively banks were members of the Hanseatic League. This confederation protected the economic interests of its members in large parts of the Netherlands, Germany and Northern Europe, and the affluence of those years is visible everywhere you look on this tour in abundant civil and religious architecture. Photo: Rob van der Laan

Through the natural beauty

of the Rhine Valley

Your tour starts in the delightful city of Amsterdam, home to the wondrous UNESCO-listed canal ring that fans out from the Amsterdam Old Town. From there, you’ll sail and cycle to many impressive and cozy Hanseatic towns like Arnhem, Deventer, Zutphen, Kampen, Harderwijk and Elburg.

The natural beauty of the Rhine Valley and its enchanting tributary, the IJssel, will be sure to impress. Another attraction along the way is the landscapes of the so-called ‘Bordering Lakes’. These enchanting bodies of water are situated between the “old” mainland with its many gorgeous harbor towns, and the “new” reclaimed land of the province of Flevoland, that was once lying at the bottom of the sea and is now your bike path.

125 km IJssel Valley

The flat terrain in the 125 km long IJssel Valley makes this a perfect tour for those who love to cycle leisurely along a wealth ofwinding trails in an area home to many typical Dutch landscapes.

.* The Hanseatic Tour is a semi-guided tour. You’ll get a daily briefing by the tour leader, but you cycle on your own. On certain dates, it is an option to book the tour as fully-guided.

New in 2019

New in 2019: a guided option on De Nassau

On a few departure dates, you can book a fully guided option for this Hanseatic adventure. That means you will cycle with a tour leader in a small group of max. 20 guests.

If you have already booked a semi-guided tour on one of these dates, you can add the fully-guided option. (limited availability).

The dates are: May 11, June 1, September 7 and 21. The surcharge for this ‘fully-guided’ option is € 125 pp.
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