Anyone approaching Zutphen will be moved by its beautiful location on the water. Zutphen, the city with the striking towers and stately merchant houses; Curiosity about what lies behind it is already roused from a distance. Thus it is not surprising that Zutphen is visited, every year in summer as well as in winter, by hundreds of thousands of residents from the region and by tourists. Events, markets, a comprehensive selection of shops, restaurants, pubs, museums, and galleries, serve as a true magnet for the region.


Town of towers

Zutphen is also called Torenstad (town of towers). As well as some large towers that are visible from a large distance and shape the town’s skyline, there are also plenty of smaller towers. The old centre takes you back to medieval times. As well as towers, there are historical warehouses, merchant’s homes, churches, courtyards, streets and alleyway that create the town’s unique atmosphere. Add to that its location on the IJssel and the Berkel and the result is the perfect location for a Hanseatic city.

Medieval atmosphere

During the Hanseatic period, merchants from Zutphen transported herring, butter and beer to other Hanseatic cities. This is when the town boasted forty breweries, one of which is left. Stadsbrouwerij (town brewery) Cambrinus, in the heart of the town. This Hanseatic brewery still exudes a medieval atmosphere.

Authentic shopping

It’s not just the exterior of the beautiful building in Zutphen that are worth a look. Behind many of the facades are unique shops, original gift shops and special boutiques. This is where you’ll always find something no one else has, because there are not many high street chains in Zutphen. Such a unique and authentic array of shops is enough to please any shopaholic. Also: during and after a day of shopping, there are many places to have a rest: pubs, restaurants or lunchrooms that are dotted around Zutphen.