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The city front of Kampen alone is worth a visit. A beautiful skyline forms along the IJssel with the brown fleet in the foreground. A cozy city with many historic buildings that tell more about the watery history of this Hanseatic city.

The Hanseatic city of Kampen is a cozy and versatile city with an attractive historic center. The many museums and attractions, events, a cozy shopping and entertainment area and a unique countryside, guarantee one or more days of enjoyment.

The historic Hanseatic city of Kampen is perfect for exploration on foot, whether or not accompanied by a professional guide. Outside the historic heart there are plenty of opportunities for cycling or walking tours through the IJssel area, along the beautiful river landscape with water meadows. The seven cores of Kampen and the Kampereiland with its many terp farms also make a visit to Kampen and the IJsseldelta region absolutely worthwhile.

Kampen begins with a visit to Tourist Info Kampen! Step inside.

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Tourist Info Kampen - City Barracks

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