Concert in celebration of 800 years of the Hanseatic League

Hanseatic concert Jan Vayne and Harm Hoeve

23 September

As part of the Hanseatic year (800 years of the Hanseatic League), there will be a Hanseatic concert in the Grote or Sint Stephanuskerk in Hasselt.

Hanseatic concert Grote or Sint Stephanuskerk in Hasselt

In 2023, the 800 years of the Hanseatic League will be celebrated for a year in all Hanseatic cities in the Netherlands Also in Hasselt (ov) this will be celebrated with various events On Saturday evening, September 23, in the Grote-of Stephanuskerk in Hasselt, the well-known pianist Jan Vayne and organist Harm Hoeve will give a big concert.



Grote kerk Hasselt

Collaborators are: Jan Vayne (pianist Harm Hoeve (organist and conductor) Adriaan Stoet (violinist) Ellen Vos (vocals) Bente van der Steeg (violin and vocals) known from The Voice Kids) Christelijk Mannenkoor Stereo the 140-member large choir olv Harm Hoeve

The Zwolle pianist Jan Vayne needs no further introduction. He has been known for years for his fabulous improvisations. Whether it's a classical repertoire or popular contemporary music, he knows like no other how to weave the music in a special way. It is an experience to watch his virtuoso piano playing, but above all to listen to it. He performs solo as well as with Harm Hoeve and Adriaan Stoet. The latter is the violin teacher of Bente van der Steeg from Genemuiden. Singer Ellen Vos will also perform this evening. The Chr. Mannenkoor Stereo olv Harm Hoeve is known from many TV performances and will make a special contribution this evening, together with the other musicians.

It promises to be a special concert with a very varied program.

Both the Mayor of Zwartewaterland, Eddie Bilder and the King's Commissioner Andries Heidema will attend the Hanseatic concert in Hasselt.

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