Dutch Icesculpture Festival

14 Dec 2019 - 1 Mar 2020

The Dutch Icesculpture Festival is open from 14 December 2019 until 1 March 2020.

The largest ice sculpture festival in Europe is in Zwolle. The world's top 40 ice artists make 275,000 kg of ice and 275,000 kg of snow a magical world.

1.500 m² entertainment! In a large cooled area (-10°C) you will see a unique winter experience. Be surprised by enchanting themed worlds and over a 100 ice sculptures.



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We wish you lots of fun!

Location: IJsselhallen
- Adres: Rieteweg 4, 8011 AB Zwolle
- 7 minutes walk from the train station!
- Enough parking for your car

Photocredits: Marc van Aalst