With the camper along the Hanseatic cities - part 2

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If you want to tour the Hanseatic cities with your campervan, you will need a place to spend the night. You might consider a longer stay near a Hanseatic city, so that you can enjoy the culture and nature that such a historic place has to offer. On this page we give you an overview of places to stay that you can find on a tour of the Hanseatic cities.

A campervan tour of the Hanseatic cities is fun and interesting to do. The closest Hanseatic towns are in your own country and you will also find many Hanseatic towns across the border. So you can make the route as long as you want. This route is intended especially for those who enjoy life and will lead you past cities that still show plenty of traces of the once so important North European trade alliance.

Located in Overijssel, Kampen is a beautiful Hanseatic city to begin with. It is a fascinating city that not only has a great trading past, but also as an industrial city has made a great contribution to the Dutch economy. The old warehouses and facades of merchant houses, with their rich paintings, are expertly restored and a feast for the eyes. Staying overnight with your camper is no problem. A stone's throw from the center is camper village Kampen. A beautiful, simple camper place that offers space for about 25 campers and is enclosed by a green strip, through which a stream meanders.

Visit the fortified towns of Elburg and Harderwijk↵. Nature camping estate Old Putten is hidden in the green near Elburg. It is a fine camper place with spacious places. The area offers plenty of walking opportunities. The road to the fortified town of Elburg, for example, located 500 meters away, is a beautiful walk. An old fishing village that is best compared to an inhabited mini-open-air museum. After a tour of the ramparts, it is nice to relax in the cozy center. A center that has hundreds of monuments and churches that are worth a visit.

For lovers of Bougondian life, Harderwijk is 'the place to be'. Nice stores and a wide choice of fine restaurants set the tone. The walled city center with impressive city gates remains breathtaking, especially in combination with the renewed waterfront. Camping de Peperkamp in Hierden, because of its versatility, is an obvious choice. It is a quiet campsite surrounded by the nature reserves of the Leuvenumsebos, Hulsthorsterzanen and the Hierdensebeek. De Peperkamp is a campsite that offers a choice of several types of accommodation.

After an exciting day in Zwolle it is wonderful to relax on camper village Hofvliet. A well cared for place that is specially designed for motorhomes. The surface is paved and you have access to plumbing, water, electricity, washing machines and wifi. The owners live right next to the camper place and that's easy. Hofvliet is located half a kilometer from the center of Zwolle. The city where Herman Brood saw the first life. In this Hanseatic city you can walk in a few minutes to the Peperbus, star restaurant Librije and also Museum de Fundatie is easily accessible.

Hanseatic city Zutphen
As one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands, Zutphen breathes history. Walking over impressive fortifications and along stately warehouses and towers, you get a good impression of what kind of activity once prevailed. Because of the wide variety of specialty stores, galleries and events that are organized, it will be night before you know it. Did you know that Zutphen has a real canal system? After the overwhelming impressions of the city it is lovely to relax at De Heicohoeve. A farmer's campsite where you wake up with a bit of luck to the pleasant chime of chickens scurrying around the camper.

Short transfer to Germany
Via Zutphen, Emmerich am Rhein is a logical next stop. In this German Hanseatic city you can spend the night at Stellplatz Yachthafen Emmerich. One of the must do's there is a walk across the longest suspension bridge in Germany and a boat ride on the Rhine. For those who want to gently return home, the Hanseatic city trip can end with visits to Kalkar and Xanten. In Kalkar, it is good bivouac at Reisemobilpark Kalkar, near Xanten. A simple place to spend the night, but with the necessary facilities.

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