IJssel Biennial 2023

17 June - 17 Sep 2023

The IJssel Biennale is a stimulating art event along the IJssel River with an international outdoor exhibition and an extensive cultural program. The third edition of the IJssel Biennale in 2023 coincides with the Hanseatic Year. Our bike route will take you through as many as six Dutch Hanseatic cities. Just like the Hanseatic cities, the IJsselbiennale has the river as its carrier as well as international ambitions. We work together with over 100 partners from the region, connected by the river and we use art as a catalyst to strengthen the connection between these partners.

IJsselbiennale 2023, titled Grondtonen, puts the earth, soil and ground at the center. Literally in the sense of the importance of good soil for a sustainable future, but also figuratively. For the way in which hidden networks are active under the ground (mycelium) is a wonderful metaphor for the - sometimes invisible, but essential - network of the Hanseatic cities, both in the past and in the future. In this way we build on the rich tradition of the Hanseatic League: we use the connecting power of the IJssel to strengthen cooperation between networks and to develop new perspectives on the problems of today and tomorrow.


17 Jun - 17 Sep 2023
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