The best boutique hotels in the Hanseatic cities

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'Holland popular with tourists around Hanseatic cities, tulips and beaches', RTL News headlines last year. And that's not so strange. The terms 'unique', 'quirky', 'beautiful', 'authentic' and 'convivial' are often used when talking about these centuries-old trading cities, words that also apply to the term 'boutique hotel' or 'boutique hotel'. And let the area around the IJssel and the Randmeren, which offers everything for a wonderful weekend getaway, grow into this kind of special accommodation.

Pillows Zwolle, Boutique Hotel Elburg and Boutique Hotel Kampen

Hotels that match the cityscape make your stay complete. You will experience the city more intensely! In the middle of the lively centre of Zwolle for example, capital of Overijssel but also known as a popular Hanseatic city, you will find Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Ter Borch Zwolle: a stately mansion that serves as a hotel. It is close to the train station and has 41 comfortable, spacious rooms. Sauna and Fitness are among the facilities here. Beautiful place for a romantic, relaxing stay.

Boutique Hotel Kampen
Boutique Hotel Kampen

Boutique Hotel Kampen is just a stone's throw away from attractions such as the National Monument Broederpoort Kampen from 1465 and the Stedelijk Museum Kampen. This is a family friendly hotel with all kinds of different rooms with phenomenal views of the 2000 year old river that characterizes Overijssel.

The smaller but picturesque Elburg, the place on the Randmeren for cyclists, hikers and water sports enthusiasts, has with Boutique Hotel Elburg the best base for a more active holiday. The hotel itself fits perfectly into the cityscape with its monumental façade, cosy city cafe and local products on the menu.

Broederenklooster in Zutphen and Stadshotel Doesburg

The more southerly Hanseatic cities of Zutphen and Doesburg have a slightly different character: you can stroll and look around endlessly. A unique range of shops and many characteristic restaurants. The former Broederenklooster in Zutphen, dating from 1200, is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The boutique hotel of the same name has a beer bar, a Ginbar and a wine cellar for all kinds of tastings, where the soil is laid by a gifted chef, who conjures up fantastic dishes from the open kitchen of the Grand Café. With its centuries-old Librije (library) and Sacristy, this is a historic place to spend the night.

On the beautiful quay of Doesburg stands Stadshotel Doesburg, a unique location between the IJssel and the city center, with a lovely terrace on the water. This is a more modern hotel with a view of the picturesque facades on the other side, where the highest forms of comfort and hospitality are strived for. From here you can discover the historic city centre or take a boat trip.

House Vermeer Deventer

And then: Eigenzinning Deventer, also a gathering place of countless special museums, terraces, shops and of course Grand Boutique Hotel Huis Vermeer, the ideal place to relax after all the impressions. This luxury boutique hotel has eleven four-star rooms, including two Grand Suites. Each room is decorated in a unique way, partly with 18th century antiques. This, too, is a historic place. This former banker's house of the Vermeer family, a national monument located on the beautiful square Grote Kerkhof, is equipped with every convenience and comfort. Deventer is internationally known for its events such as the Charles Dickens Festijn, the Book Market and Deventer Op Stelten, but throughout the year this is a wonderful place to be. Struin along the IJssel, shop at the vintage shops and finish at the Brink; the largest and cosiest Hanzemarktplein in the Netherlands.

Brink - Deventer
Brink - Deventer

Wow-experience in your boutique hotel

The tourists from RTL News were and are right. If you want to spend a weekend enjoying nature, entertainment for young and old, conviviality, history and culture, and also want to spend the night in a unique, unforgettable place, these are the places to be. You pick up one wow-experience after another, and that starts already in your (boutique) hotel!

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