Zwolle is a Hanseatic city and a university town. This is evident: the historic and hip city on the IJssel is bursting with vibrancy. Walk through the bustling centre and discover inspiring boutiques, great shops, fascinating museums, like Museum de Fundatie, the best restaurants and much more.


So much to see and do

There is a lively atmosphere on the streets of the medieval centre of Zwolle. It used to be that merchants from the Hanseatic League ran the show here, but nowadays it’s the students, entrepreneurs and creative types that create a dynamic air. Entrepreneurial spirit and the love of trading ensure that Zwolle is a city where there is never any need to be bored.

Books and balls

Of course, a contemporary city like Zwolle moves with the times. This includes shopping trends. As well as the large fashion chains, the city boasts trendy concept stores. Zwolle is home to many more extraordinary shops, including the most impressive bookshop in the Netherlands: Waanders in de Broeren is located in a church. Another must in Zwolle is the Zwols Balletjeshuis. This sweetshop has been going strong for centuries and still offers an amazing assortment of traditional and delicious confectionery.

Haute cuisine & urban food

Whether you love haute cuisine or are more of an urban foodie, Zwolle satisfies every culinary taste. There are countless hip establishment for you to enjoy. There is also plenty of choice for the discerning palate. Haute cuisine is on offer at De Librije, with no less than three Michelin stars: the culinary highlight of Zwolle, even the Netherlands. The chef cooks for you with loving attention for regional produce and it proof is in the pudding. At The Librije Shop you can buy the nicest products.